Apprentice Technician training program

We are extremely proud of our successful Apprentice Technician Training Programme, we employ around 8 apprentices every year which we train and develop in partnership with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

A video profiling our Apprentice & Engineering Technician of the Year 2013 Awards can be found below.

We work in partnership with industry organisations to deliver our training; including CATCH (Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence – Humber) and HETA (Humberside Engineering Training Association).

If you are interested in becoming part of the future workforce of Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ in the UK via our apprenticeship technician training scheme, please see ECITB Apprenticeships for full details on how to apply.

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Graduate Training Programme

Our Graduate Training Programme provides a structured, comprehensive program aiming to fulfill specific Company requirements.

The graduate programme is for university graduates with a minimum of 3 years of academic studies leading to a degree in engineering.

The objective of the scheme is to provide a training programme to allow the individual to gain fast track experience across the business with a view to the graduates taking a permanent position within one of the areas of expertise. This includes Engineering and Project Management together with the skills necessary to ensure a professional approach in all aspects of work and future development of a career with Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ in the UK. The programme will differ for each candidate depending on his/her departmental assignments.

If you would like to know more about our Graduate Training Programme, please contact our HR Department by sending an email to:

Case studies

Steve Drury – From apprentice to a career in 3 years
Steve Drury

Location: Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ, Immingham
Training providers:  Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ, ECITB, CATCH, HCF

When Steven Drury first started his engineering apprenticeship in 2010, 2013 seemed a long way off.  Now however, 25-year-old Steve is fully employed as a coded welder working for the Fabricom Projects & Engineering Centre (FPEC) in Immingham.

Before Steve started his apprenticeship he was working as a general labourer and had a partner and a 3 year old to support.  But Steve wanted a career with prospects, so he decided to give up his job and apply for an apprenticeship.

Steve found out about the Apprentice Engineering Technician Training Scheme run at the CATCH facility in Killingholme and he applied to train as a welder via the ECITB and after being interviewed by the ECITB and Yvonne Day, HR Director at Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ, he was accepted on to the programme.

During his training Steve has seized every opportunity offered to develop his skills further and has successfully completed a first aid course and an occupational health and fitness course.  He also received a Safety Award in his first year following a visit to Lenzig Fibres where the group were asked to list any “staged” health and safety concerns they saw during a tour and then write about six of them.  Steve spotted 26 potential hazards and wrote about all of them, as he said “all potential hazards are important so I cannot single six out”.

He has also won Apprentice Engineering Technician of the Year in 2012, was nominated for the ECITB Apprentice of the Year Award 2013 held in London and came third in the Humber Bank Contractor Competency Forum (Concom) Apprentice Awards in 2013.

About the apprentice engineering scheme itself, Steve said, “I found the training to be a highly useful resource, with tutors and trainers dedicated to giving me the tools to succeed and also gain further experience by being part of the Employee Communications Group and, more recently, the Health & Wellbeing initiative.

Steve said “I am really enjoying having a career rather than being stuck in a dead end job.  It has also enabled me to provide for my family, now 2 children, well into the future.   I work in a friendly environment and I’m very grateful to everyone involved for giving me this opportunity.  I would particularly like to thank Graham Carlton, HR Manager and Yvonne Day, HR Director for their constant support and advice throughout my apprenticeship.  I would also like to thank my mentor, Ken Harper, without whom I would not be where I am today and also for all of the help I have received on the shop floor”.

Yvonne Day stated “the Apprentice Engineering Technician training scheme is for people like Steve, people who want a career in engineering and construction and are prepared to put the effort in to succeed.  Steve has become a valued employee of the company and we will be relying on his experience to help future generations of engineering apprentices through their training and development”.

For more information about training and apprentice schemes in engineering and construction please contact and the Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence, Humber,

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Andy Easton joined us as a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with First Class Honors from University of Hull in February 2008.

Since joining Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ, he has worked in different areas of the business, gaining experience of how we operate. This experience has included working at our Immingham facility and on a project site.

Andy gained a unique placement on the GDF SUEZ Nuclear Training Programme which entailed him working on various GDF SUEZ nuclear sites across Europe and attending training courses for a year. This training program is a good example of the opportunities we can harness as part of a global energy organisation.

Andy said:

“I am relishing the hands on experience that I am gaining during my training. Most of the people who were on my course at university have gone down the research route as the next step but the graduate programme at Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ has definitely been the right move for me.”

“I have particularly enjoyed the experience of working on a project site; this has allowed me to gain an insight into how a project is managed.”

Andy is now working towards achieving Chartered status from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and continues to work in Project Management with Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ in the UK.